3 New Countries to Consider for Retiring Abroad

Retiring in a foreign country may only seem like a dream too farfetched to many but the cost of living for a retiree is not exactly a bed of roses. This is the reason why destinations with a low cost of living seem attractive to most retirees. Here are some of the best places to retire in the world.


Montenegro is a fascinating country with just a short history but with a wealth of historical monuments, pristine beaches, impressive ancient cities, dominating black mountains from where the name Montenegro is derived and friendly locals. The fine weather and the clear waters of the Aegean Sea coupled with its promising rate of growth are some of the draws to Montenegro as a retiree destination. It is turning out as a touristic hotspot and is an ideal destination to buy property at a lower cost with favorable conditions for foreigners in Montenegro real estate.

It is a place to relax and watch as modern developments shape up this Balkan beauty as well as take part in exciting activities such as hiking, fishing and exploring quaint medieval cities.


The Indonesian archipelago provides an amazing destination for retirement due to its natural beauty, rich cultural history and fine tropical weather. Whether you are yearning for the beaches in Bali or getting intrigued by the sights, smells and the sounds of the immensely populated Jakarta, you will find that being an expat in Indonesia a thrilling and exciting experience.

There are a variety of visas available in Indonesia for foreigners ranging from short term to long term and student visas. The process of acquiring a retiree visa is a painstaking one but in the recent past the government has revised the policy concerning long term stay in Indonesia making it easier for expats and retirees seeking the Indonesian lifestyle to attain it without much harassment. After going through the process of visa application, renewing is easier and straight forward. There are several requirements such as bank statements and hiring of locals to take care of your property, so be aware of the regulations before taking off.


Dubai may seem like a farfetched destination for retiring. However, it is suprisingly seen by many as a great retirement base due to its better terms of lifestyles, tax free benefits, low levels of crimes and high levels of personal safety. While oversea visitors are discovering the quality and luxurious life in Dubai and seeking family holiday locations for families, others are thinking ahead and considering buying property for potential retirement retreat.

Dubai is competing with the likes of Spain and France for Britons seeking a second home in the sun. This is because the value of property in Dubai though high, is not going to depreciate any time soon. Health care like any other places of Dubai is world class.  With attractive salary packages for doctors and health experts you can expect to find some of the world finest health care providers. If you have a generous retirement package, you can spend your sunset years in the sunny capital of world luxury.

3 New Countries to Consider for Retiring Abroad

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Three Great Ways to Find Summer Work Abroad

If you find yourself bored of the same old routine of your life then maybe it is time to think beyond the great seas. Maybe you have been staring at the globe since you were in kindergarten and wondering how life on the other side of the globe must be like. It is time to turn those adventurous dreams into something tangible and hit the road. Since you need to survive abroad you may need to work to gain experience as you travel and earn a few coins to keep you on the road. Here are a few ways to get summer fun and find work abroad programs to help pay your way.


After staring at maps and globes for ages you probably have an idea of where your travel juice might take you. Get to learn as much as you can before going on this life changing mission; learn about the good, the bad and the ugly to avoid being in shock once you land in your new destination. Changing jobs also includes changes in sceneries from cities to remote interiors, it is important to know exactly the kind of place you would prefer to live. If you are not sure you can follow the paths of others who have been there and make your own decision. In this way you will be sure of your destination and avoid developing cold feet when the time to relocate arrives and also have some insights about the place before making the huge move.


Hiring someone you have never met is somewhat unheard of especially if you are travelling half the globe to your destination, on the other hand it is expensive to travel just for an interview to your new destination. You should therefore propose video interviews with the hiring companies and connect with the potential employers without bearing the cost of airfare. This will save time and energy as well as be able to communicate face to face as in the traditional interviewing process only difference will be that the employer will be on the other side of the screen rather than on a huge intimidating desk. Time difference in different parts of the world may pose difficulties in live chat videos which mean that you can opt for one way video where candidates can answer questions posed by employers and the answers can be recorded for the employers to go through them in their own time.


The social media platform offers an incredible opportunity to connect to hiring managers, employers and possibly interact with potential coworkers all before you buckle up and take off. You can follow hiring managers on twitter, take part in LinkedIn discussions and share interesting news concerning relevant articles and issues which will make you feel like you have already been there before you have even landed. If you use social strategically for connections, when you apply for a job the manager might even remember you for your contributions.

Three Great Ways to Find Summer Work Abroad

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Exploring the UK in the Back of a Campervan

Exploring the UK in a campervan is one of the most classic and delightful way of exploring UK at your own pace while stopping over along the routes to explore the major attractions sprawled across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. You expect to see charming thatched villages in Cotswolds, swooning swans on the pristine Avon, be mystified by the mysterious lochs and mist shrouded peaks of the Scottish Highlands and the spectacular rainbows that color the skies above the aubergine moors. You will enjoy riding along the fabled Giant Causeway and the dramatic cliff top roads that skim along the edges of the spectacular coastlines. The Welsh parks are something to behold with cascading waterfalls at every turn. It’s an easy process to rent a campervan and taking one across these diverse and dramatic landscapes is a thrilling adventure.


Preparation for a road trip in a campervan is easy especially after choosing a suitable route. You need to have good maps, shop for food, have torches, gas burner, mattress and clothes of course. If you will be hiring a camping van from well established camping experts the van may come with basic essentials such as the mattresses and the burner’s requiring you to move in with only clothing, food and personal effects.


If you will be driving along the routes and are not aware of the rules and regulations of road usage in certain regions you may have to check the rules to make sure you stay on the right side of the laws. You may find weird things happening along the road such as construction, confusing roundabouts, roads too narrow for double for two way traffic and workers picking litter along the road with or without signs.

Learn about the road types, the road signs and road courtesy because you will not be the only ones using the roads.


It is better to use paper maps rather than GPS related maps especially when travelling to very remote areas. A good paper map will include notable attractions, national parks, ferry routes, roads and camping sites suitable for your camping van along your route. If you are going round the cities make sure to have GPS enabled gadgets that can use Wi-Fi connections. This is because some of the major places of interest in the cities may not be provided for adequately in the paper maps.


While travelling in a campervan choosing a camping site is a daily task: you find yourself pulling over along the road and spending the night or paying for a pitching space in a camping site or even parking the city parking lot and spending the night in a hostel. Pulling over in a picturesque location is the easiest option and translates to wild camping. Unfortunately, it is the most risky of all the options. You need to park in secure locations where it is allowed by law away from traffic. If not, be aware that officers may ask you to move on.

Exploring the UK in the Back of a Campervan

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Escape the UK for Some Sunshine in an Italian Villa

Villas in Italy create such an iconic image in anyone s mind and they range from rustic farmhouses deep in the heart of medieval Tuscany to the vibrant cliff side terraces of the Almafi coast. These gorgeous accommodations creamed with the Italian sunshine will lure you to swiftly escape from the gloomy weather in UK and shout YES to sunshine.


Tuscany is famed for its rolling landscapes dominated by verdant vineyards and its rich artistic heritage. The holiday villas in Tuscany includes palatial castles, converted farmhouses and idyllic homes. Staying in the exciting villas will enable you to explore the classical Italian landscapes, visit its medieval cities and stroll through its impressive traditional villages.

Escape to Villa Castello de Galbino tucked neatly on the lush hills of Arezzo, it is a majestic castle with four cylindrical towers around its corners and stone column. It reflects the rich artistic history of the renaissance period with its elegant glazed loggia. It is surrounded by seemingly endless fields and hills crowned by olive groves and woods.

The villa is spacious with the dining room featuring French windows, nine bedrooms each with special features and views and furnished with antiques and lavish fabrics. There is extra dining table and chairs on the terrace for when you can’t get enough of the sunshine as you get mesmerized by the manicured gardens which melts away into the surrounding landscapes.


The Amalfi coast is one of Italy’s most picturesque stretches, it is a place where you can enjoy heavenly beach experience whilst surrounded by breathtaking views of the azure sea, stunning cliffs and pretty churches. The Amalfi coast indulges all your senses in an intriguing manner with its scents, sites and culinary delights; it is the perfect destination to escape to and soak up in the sun. The Villas in the gorgeous Amalfi coast are varied and each offering postcard views of the coastline.

Villa Amalfitana offers spectacular azure sea views from three levels of spacious terraces adorned in violet bougainvillea pergolas and situated on one of the most renowned spot on the Amalfi coast. The two storied villa with a separated dependency unit is nestled amongst vibrant emerald olive groves, lush pine trees and other Mediterranean plants cascading elegantly into the sea.


Umbria is characterized by thick wooded groves and a mysterious sacred past lurking at every corner marked by ancient landmarks still featuring in this well known heartbeat of Italy. Villas in Umbria will not only provide the much needed escape but also give you an opportunity to explore every shady corner and historical ruins offering a classical retreat at the end of the day.

Casale Cerfoglio is a modern villa located on a hilltop in Todi and offers panoramic views of the rolling hills and valleys of the surrounding landscapes. It is intricately designed and near medieval cities that you can explore and later retreat to the villa to witness the tranquil sunsets.

Escape the UK for Some Sunshine in an Italian Villa

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5 of The Best Large Holiday Homes in the UK

Holiday accommodation in the UK is varied and exceptional, if you need a large group accommodation to host weddings, parties or just to relax the options are endless. You can choose from castles, manor houses, large cottages to rent and even luxury log cabins. Here are five of the very best large holiday homes:


It is a recently renovated property that still retains its original character such as exposed beams and inglenook fire places. It displays striking décor and furnishings and can accommodate up to 12 guests. The house is surrounded by an extensive garden with a hot tub and a stable for those with horses. It has six bedrooms, spacious living rooms and kitchen ideal for gatherings or parties. There are plenty sources of entertainment including five TVs with DVDs, wii and CD players. You are allowed to come with your dog.


This is a very large house that can sleep up to 25 people comfortably. It is set in an idyllic hillside location on the west side of the Kintrye Peninsula in Argyll and accessible via boat, air or road. It is surrounded by lush mature gardens with open spaces to relax and unwind. It has 12 luxurious ensuite bedrooms, an additional children’s bedroom and three large sitting rooms, well equipped kitchen and a dining room. It is a great home to retreat to and enjoy Scottish charm.


This magnificent Georgian manor is located in Yorkshire Dales and though it retains most of its original looks and art work, modern fittings have been prioritized with great creativity. It has a wealth of elegant period charm, a perfect combination of traditional glamour and state of the art modern facilities. The house is set within 3 acres of walled gardens in the picturesque area of Middleham and is a fine base for outdoor activities. It hosts up to 21 people across its ten bedrooms which makes it ideal for large groups, families and a gorgeous venue for parties.


This is a green-award winning house located snugly in the famous Scottish Highlands. It enjoys magnificent views amongst offering exceptional services such as disabled friendly, child friendly and underground heating. It has luxurious touches with a BBQ and a hot tub with stunning mountain views. It boasts of 4 ensuite bedrooms, 2 king-size doubles and 2 twin rooms which can be converted to king size doubles upon request. It is family friendly with toys for children and cots available on request.


It is a five star oak clad and sandstone luxury lodge sitting on a waterfront location right above the historic bridge of Alvah and gorge crossing over the River Deveron in Abadeenshire. The lodge boasts of stunning interiors and excellent leisure facilities including a heated indoor swimming pool. It has spacious lounge areas, well equipped kitchen, utility area and opulent 6 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 20 guests if booked together with the Craig cottage.

5 of The Best Large Holiday Homes in the UK


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Making the Most of Your Family Holidays in Cornwall

Cornwall has a lot to offer its visitors, whether you want to take part in the World Belly Board Competition, enjoy a Michelin-Starred meal or spend some time camping under the stars, you will always find something fun to excite you during your holiday.


Cornwall has in the recent years been recognized for its extraordinary gastronomic experience. World renowned chefs have opened exquisite restaurants here that offer gourmet meals to keep your family well fed before embarking on sweat breaking activities in the area. The cuisine normally includes produce from the region to ensure it is fresh and local as possible. Nicknamed as Padstow due to the famous TV chef restaurants, Padstow is the palace to head on a completely empty stomach for prime Cornish sea food and Michelin-starred meals. To fill your stomach with Lebanese cuisine in a medieval location as waves crash on the shore then the Carn Brea Castle is the place to be.


After gobbling down the Cornish delicacies you are now ready to head to the beach and take advantage of the winds for an exhilarating surfing experience. Cornwall is all about surfing, so grab your surfing gear and head to Fistral Beach in Newquay and try your luck at catching the crashing waves. If the waters are not what you may be looking for then take bicycles and lead your family in cycling through the Cornish countryside and explore its rich mining history. Take the Minerals Tramways Path and go through Camborne, Redruth and Gwennap as you explore the quaint country powered by Cornish cuisine.


With over three hundred sandy beaches to choose from and jaw dropping coastline you will be spoilt for choice. Landing on the ideal beach to experience a day of lazing on the sand is one of the perfect activities for family holidays in Cornwall. Remind yourself of what it felt like feeling like a kid as you engage your kinds in fun activities such as building sand castles and splashing on the beach in wet fun. If your children still want more then you can head to the Adrenalin Quarry near Liskead which has UKs longest Zip Wire, guaranteed to blow their travel socks off! The coasteering experience does not end there as you can spend time exploring cliff tops and caves along the dramatic coastline of Cornwall.


Cornwall history is twisted with a host of myths and legends only second to Greek mythology; beginning with the legendary tale of King Arthur and his supposed birthplace at Tintagel castle, to the pixies and giants that roam the along the fifty miles of the exceptional coastline and end at the rich mining heritage evident across various cliff tops which have been awarded World Heritage Status. The kids will enjoy exploring the ancient Castle and listening to the legendary tales associated with it. Alternatively, take a trip to the artistic St Ives for a more cultural experience altogether.

Making the Most of Your Family Holidays in Cornwall


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5 Things to Avoid When Getting UK Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance for your holiday can be a dicey task. Sadly, a lot of people have been left to foot bills out of pockets after finding out that the insurance policies do not actually cover the things that they thought they would. Though it may prove difficult to bag the right policy it is even more risky to travel without one.

Cheap holiday insurance may seem attractive upfront but most insurers include some nasty clauses, loopholes and incomplete covers to offer cheap deals that become more confusing and puzzling when it comes to making a claim. Here are some tips to help you avoid being caught up in an ugly tussle.


When getting a suitable policy it is very advisable to go through the boring fine print and get the catch line. If the policy seems to exclude basic coverage or seems to gear towards difficult in laying any claims, then that is one policy that you should get rid of.


Some insurers in an attempt to get premiums to the absolute low levels have included a list of harsh exclusions which inevitably trap people at the claiming stage. For example such policies would require you to have a written police report of the incident recorded in the foreign country within 24 hours, a definite impossibility in a foreign country with language barriers.


The so called budget insurance covers often have very low limits for critical elements such as luggage, money and delay. This means that if your car broke down on your way to the airport and caused you to be delayed you would have to bear the cost. Some of the covers do not even include such elements all together, don’t touch such policies, even with a stick!


The definition of close relatives is mostly ill defined on some covers; hence you should seek to understand what the policy implies by close relative on the cover. You may be surprised if your live-in aunt falls ill just before your vacation and you have to cancel only to find that you cannot lay a claim on anything due to the definition of close relation. Such are the policies that you should avoid at all costs before heading to your holiday destination.


Normal household policies do replace old for new in case of loss or theft of an item. However this is not the case with travel insurance policies, you will be shocked when you are desperate to lay a claim on a lost item and the issue of age of the lost or damaged item comes up. It is surprising because when purchasing the premium no one asked you of when and where you purchased the precious item you got cover for until the day to claim comes up and the results startle you. The value is normally reduced to unbelievable levels.

5 Things to Avoid When Getting UK Travel Insurance

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Escape the UK for a Dream Holiday in Greece

Greece is a popular destination for many travelers, it is a place where you can escape from it all and enjoy lazing in the sun, sipping fine wine, be awed by natural beauty and delve into the past as you explore some of the world’s most ancient cities and ruins. The numerous islands of Greece are not only welcoming but offer a perfect getaway to enjoy an exciting luxury Greek holiday hopping from one island to the next.

Pargas Island nestled on the Ionian coast is perhaps one of the most picturesque destinations in Greece; it is an ideal destination for a dream holiday where you will be enveloped in an endless blanket of natural beauty. The fact is that you may have seen pictures of this place in holiday brochures but may have never have been aware; such is the astonishing beauty of Pargas. Pargas is a small ancient Greek port town sitting beautifully on a hill overlooking the bay and famed for its picturesque sea views. With its traditional structures of all shapes and sizes lined up with cobbled streets and a marina crammed full of yachts’ and fishing boats your holiday here will just be what you have never dreamt about.

You may have seen a lazy day but at night the town comes to life with its shore front tavernas offering live music, lively chatter and great delicacies that will make your mouth water long after you have left the island. A must visit place on the island is the ancient ruins of Kassiopi which seem to attract attention each year.

Thassos Island is a great destination for a dream beach holiday. On the East Coast of Thassos you find the famed Golden Beaches which features world class hotels and amenities all situated near a fine stretch of pristine beaches. On the south west coast of Thassos is the most visited with numerous holiday resorts, bars and tavernas located strategically next to the beaches close to the town of Limenaria. The beautiful traditional villages of Penagia and Petamia are picturesque and within reach, for a different kind of holiday.

The ancient findings around this area are housed in the archeological museum in the capital and they date back to 7th century BC. The age old amphitheatre at Limenas nestled on a hillside is definitely worth a visit.

Skiathos is one of Greece’s most popular islands and is recognized for featuring some of the best beaches ideal for the ideal dream holiday. With its lush forests of pine, over sixty beaches to choose from and breathtaking sceneries, this island almost gives you a tropical experience. Most of the beaches are accredited Blue Flag Beaches and it’s easy to see why. There is a lot to do in this island and the only limit is your holiday being too short to include visiting villages that seem to have stood still despite the passage of time and walkers and hikers will definitely feel welcomed in Skiathos.

Escape the UK for a Dream Holiday in Greece


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Top Reasons To Visit Pembrokeshire Coast

The top reasons to visit Pembrokeshire Coast are outlined by the land’s beauty in terms of landscape and culture. In United Kingdom, no other county is noted for its identity as being coastal than Pembrokeshire. An extensive history dating back as far as between 125,000 and 70,000 BC indicates how seafaring human beings found a settlement in these regions. For many millennia this county has been living in peace alongside an Irish tribe and Roman conquerors. But during the 900’s AD another seafaring nation was drawn into these coasts – the fearsome Vikings who relentlessly raided the shores. People are still drawn to its shores to marvel its beauty, among other compelling reasons to stay for a while in this land.

Pembroke Castle in Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales

Pembroke Castle in Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales

1. The shooting capital for epic film industry

Our tourist has heard of this place in England where most of his or her favorite Hollywood movies epic Hollywood movies are made. One of our tourist’s top reasons to visit Pembrokeshire Coast was to imagine oneself as being a part of the battle in 2010 movie Robin Hood alongside Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchette. The final scenes were shot in Freshwater West, and the venue offers a spectacular seaside view.

2. Eco tourism in Skomer Island

Apparently, our adventurous traveler wanted to see nature and is on the mood to go backpacking. The crossing towards Skomer Island was worth the hours of rocking and heaving since it is proven true that this island is considered the best bird colony in Northern Europe. Our tourist enjoys the role of an amateur naturalist documenting different bird species under the local supervision of the National Nature Reserve.

3. Textile shopping for the ages in Melin Trengwyt Mill

Eco tourism is a tiring affair but our tourist decides to slow down and relax. Going to the Melin Trengwyt Mill is one of the top reasons to visit Pembrokeshire Coast for cozy exploration. Traditional and contemporary methods of weaving make it an ideal place to peddle for textile materials like cushions, blankets and even lampshades. Our tourist, wanting to sit back and relax, could find nice coffee shops that also serve tasty treats like cakes and pastries.

4. Spell adventure? T-Y-F!

A short one-day break is over and now our tourist is on the mood for another adventure, an escapade wilder than the days before. After trying out TYF Adventure’s recreation called “coasteering” – a program resembling a marathoner’s obstacle course. Then one can try kayaking, surfing and climbing, unleashing the untamed spirit within.

5. A spiritual pilgrimage to Britain’s Holy Island

The wildest adventure our tourist experienced nearly got him or her into a serious accident. An excellent place to be still and reflect is Caldey Island. Here lies the medieval monastery of the Reformed Cisterian Order and Benidictine monks could help our tourist meditate. This place is also excellent for our tourist to take a relaxing stroll and ease the muscle aches of yesterday’s wild escapade with TYF Adventure.

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Top Things To Know About Visiting Aberdeen

There are certain top things to know about visiting Aberdeen. Aberdeen is only overshadowed by Glasgow and Edinburgh in terms of population and geographic size. Apart from the fact that it is the third largest city in Scotland, a lot of people in United Kingdom are fully aware of its distance from other neighboring cities. For this reason, Aberdeen has often been the subject of many local “far away” jokes. In relation to distance, the gap in its history is also very remote. For a city with 8,000 years if recorded civilization, it has only developed into a proper city during the middle ages. Aberdeen is a coastal city and many of its local businesses are tied to its maritime industry. It is interesting to take note that despite its northerly location, its coastal environment allows a milder climate than what is common in places like Canada, Norway and Alaska.

St Machar's Cathedral in Aberdeen, Scotland

St Machar’s Cathedral in Aberdeen, Scotland

1. What am I going to do here?

Contrary to the basic tourism rule of making your own travel plan, this is a very good question. And it is a relief in case one just decides to wind up “all the way this far” without knowing what to do. Aberdeen’s tourism is clever enough to do the basic brainstorming of vacation ideas for you. Just check the Tourist Information Center at the corner of Union Street and Shiprow. They are open from Monday to Saturday around 9:00 am to 6:30 am. There is a section in that inquiry titled What’s On In Aberdeen. It is a guide to important events, live performances, and special offers in restaurants and hotels.

2. Ye cannae ken wo’ eym sayin’?

In case anyone may be wondering, this question is supposed to be in English language. One of the most important top things to know about visiting Aberdeen is that a huge portion of the local population in this city speak Scottish accent. All parts of speech apply the English language system, but the pronunciation makes the real difference. Some people might consider this an irritating language barrier while others would find this accent thoroughly amusing (especially the fans of the movie animation Brave).

3. Aberdeen is a very safe place

It is interesting to take note that Aberdeen’s level of safety and public security puts almost all cities of United Kingdom to shame. Locals in this part of Scotland consider violent crimes almost an isolated case. But despite their impressive public security system, tourists are advised to stay away from impoverished parts of the city, especially around south of River Dee. These unsavory regions are a hotbed for mugging at night.

4. Aberdeen: your good old pirate city

As mentioned earlier, Aberdeen is a harbor city. One of the top things to know about visiting Aberdeen is that this city also has a kind of atmosphere that pirates would most likely enjoy. Drinking establishments are teeming with violent drunks, prompting the heavy presence of police officers. Prostitution is also rampant in the harbor area.

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